You're beautiful!

You're beautiful!

Hi, my name is Jessica, and I'm always here for every single one of you, so please don't be shy when asking for my help. My ask is always open. You're beautiful<3 Stay Strong. Stand Strong. #ProjectLG
Apr 19 '14

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Apr 19 '14
Birdy - Not About Angels (The Fault In Our Stars (Music From the Motion Picture))


Birdy | Not About Angels

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Apr 19 '14

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Apr 19 '14

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So if a teenager is at school for roughly 8 hours, and they are doing homework for 6+ hours, and they need AT LEAST 9 HOURS OF SLEEP FOR THEIR DEVELOPING BRAINS, then they may have 0-1 hours for other activities like eating, bathing, exercise, socializing (which is actually incredibly important for emotional, mental, and physical health, as well as the development of skills vital to their future career and having healthy romantic relationships among other things), religious activities, hobbies, extra curriculars, medical care of any kind, chores (also a skill/habit development thing and required by many parents), relaxation, and family time?  Not to mention that your parents may or may not pressure you to get a job, or you might need to get one for economic reasons.


also filed under: reasons high schools copy homework and cheat

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Apr 19 '14

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Good techniques when having a panic attack…

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Apr 19 '14

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